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Graphic design

Logo and visual identity design.
Design and layout of brochures, catalogs and leaflets of all sizes.
Poster design of all sizes.
Packaging design.
Jumbo poster design.
Break books of all sizes.
Presentation design.
and more ...


Web and Digital Design

Website design.
Website design.
Visual design for social networks.
Banner design.
Mobile application design.
and more ...



Illustrations for books, brochures ....
Illustrations for mobile applications.
and more ...

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Price list

Price list for services from small to large projects

Behind the brand Creativa Kopriva Design is hiding Designer Sandra Koprivnjak.

She is a lioness at heart, a little hedonist, an adventurer, on the move, a photographer of anything and everything, a little web and graphic artist, a programmer in the past, a dancer until dawn, a fighter and an unconventional space religious believer.

Her main rule is to live day by day, because every day is a new beginning with new challenges.

Sandra Koprivnjak

Illustrator, graphic, digital and web designer


What others say about Kopriva
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Sandra volunteered for our association Ad astra by making logo and stamp design for the association. She was extremly proffesional, and she did a really great job.  She is very easy to communicate with, and her work as a graphic designer was awesome. Accordingly, I would really like to recommend Sandra as an outstanding graphic designer.

Mihael Ružić

Office Manager at Local action group Mura-Drava
March 29, 2018, Mihael was a client of Sandra’s

I started to work with Sandra several years ago working on some simple and standard design assignments for different clients. At that time she was a very pleasant coworker with a great sense of timing in design production.

Later on, I choose Sandra to be the main designer in my own production of an innovative theatre show. Her design thinking and innovative approach was very much needed during that production.

Since Sandra is always seeking for life-long learning – Sandra became my student at the University of Applied Science – Digital design module. She later achieved her masters’ degree in Design on our project “ Reproduction of Visual and Infrared spectrum“.

During all these years of work with Sandra, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing her best qualities - she is always coming up with new ideas and strives toward self- improvement - her timing, punctuality, dedication to work, and different approaches in the design business, have made her an invaluable collaborator to me.

Since she is also a pleasant person to be around with, and I am looking forward to working with her again.

Ivan Rajković name it..we got it...
November 4, 2017, Ivan managed Sandra directly


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